Artifacts Track - Call for Papers

Important Dates

**All submission dates are at 23:59 AoE (Anywhere on Earth, UTC-12)**

Traditionally, technical research papers are published without including any artifacts (e.g., tools, data repositories, frameworks, videos), even though these artifacts may serve as crucial and detailed evidence for the quality of the results that the associated paper offers. Following the effort initiated at ESEC/FSE’11, authors of accepted technical papers at ICSME 2019 can have their artifacts evaluated by the program committee. Positively evaluated artifacts will be reflected in the paper publication, presentation, and be formally announced during the conference.

The goal of the Artifact Track of ICSME 2019 is to promote, celebrate, and catalog excellent examples of research artifacts in software engineering. These artifacts are reusable units of research that can be used to support other research endeavors.

Artifacts of interest include (but are not limited to) the following:

This list is not exhaustive, but if your proposed artifact is not on this list, please email the chairs before submitting. For artifacts that are executable tools, you may also consider submitting to the Tool Demonstration Track of ICSME 2019.

ICSME 2019 allows two types of artifact submissions:

Evaluation artifacts: For artifacts related to a Research Track paper accepted at ICSME 2019. Authors of accepted artifacts of this type will enjoy the following benefits:

Independent artifacts: For artifacts related to a paper published previously or unrelated to any paper published so far. Authors of accepted artifacts of this type will enjoy the following benefits:

Both types of submissions have the same submission instructions and packaging guidelines and will be evaluated by the same PC using the same evaluation criteria.


All submissions that meet the submission criteria listed below, fit the scope of the conference, and comply with the IEEE plagiarism policy and procedures will be reviewed by three members of the Artifacts Track Program Committee. Submissions will be evaluated as accepted or rejected.

Artifacts will be scored using the following scorecard:

  1. Timely (i.e., addresses a problem that is most current and most pressing)?
  2. Makes researchers "smarter" in some way (e.g., identifies and fills some significant gap in prior work)?
  1. Serves a useful purpose?
  2. Serves a purpose that would otherwise be tedious, prolonged, awkward, or impossible?
  3. Cost-effective?
  1. Easy to understand?
  2. Accompanied by tutorial notes?
  3. Artifacts need not be executable but if so, are they:
    • Easy to download, install, and execute?
    • Available in a virtual machine image?
    • Available online?
    • Supported by configuration management tools to permit easy updates?


Submissions should be made by the deadline via EasyChair. Submissions should follow the conference format, be limited to a single page, and contain:

To hide the identity of the reviewers from the authors, the artifact track chairs will download the artifact and distribute it to the reviewers. The authors should also make an effort not to learn the identity of the reviewers, e.g., through logging.

Artifact Packaging Guidelines

High-quality packaging of an artifact is as important as the quality of the artifact itself. Please keep in mind that the committee members will have limited time to review each artifact. The following requirements for the artifact are meant to expedite the review process:

For any questions, please contact the program chairs.

Track Chairs